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Cool. Funny. Sexy. Smart. What more could you want?

But! Is this real!?

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Instead of describing myself, here's what my friends have said about me:

"You, my dear, are amazing. Absolutely amazing, brilliant and beautiful inside out. Never think otherwise. Never forget that. And I definitely thank you for being you. And I'm grateful for being able to call you my friend. You have no idea how much."

"You are special. You are loved. You make a difference in people's lives. You make the world a better place just by existing. ♥"

"I love talking with you because you feel like a big sister and a mother at the same time... you have the motherly concern and care for me that makes me feel like everything is okay just from talking with you..."

"a little ball of kindness wrapped into a Gothic queen exterior"

"If everyone were this sweet, the world would be a nicer place <3"

"Funny. Caring. Faithful. Thoughtful. Mischiveous. Pessimistic. A good friend."

"The glass isn't just half empty, it probably has a crack in it and someone could cut themselves too. But the good news is you'll be worrying for everyone that might go near the glass to make sure it never happens."

"I [still] think you're a pretty amazing person. Boo on anyone who's telling you otherwise."

"She is the best teacher, at least the best I've ever had. She's the kind of person who always puts herself in the second place, is always there to help and is someone who I can trust."

"You're a good person, this I know for a fact. You're kind and generous with what you do have and are a good friend and girlfriend. The circumstances of your life are pretty sucky and one can hardly blame you for always seeing the worst because of it. The artistic goth girl who lives beauty in everything from flowers to people to architecture is one I've grown very fond of over the last year."

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Big thanks to:

janine42584 for the basic lj-layout code [which I edited]+ girlyb for the colorbars
gossymer for the profile layout + euterpeslullaby for the mood theme

You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be big ones, they're never as big as you make them out to be in your head. It's the regular days, the ones that start out normal, those are the days that end up being the biggest. You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest. Not until it's happening. You don't recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you're right in the middle of it, the day you commit to something or someone, the day you get your heart broken the day you meet your soul mate, the day you realize there's not enough time because you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days.

Little details

  • Hello my name is: Tasha
  • Haircolor: black/mahogany
  • Eyecolor: dark brown
  • Height: 1.75m/5'9''
  • Relationship status: taken
  • Greatest fear: loneliness

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